Para reducir la pobreza y abogar por una vivienda segura organizando, educando y capacitando a los residentes. Estamos comprometidos a apoyar a las comunidades y a preservar nuestra calidad de vida, nuestra salud y nuestra seguridad personal ayudando a los inquilinos cuando se han violado sus derechos y responsabilizando a los propietarios que no responden.



This organization has been God-sent to my family and I! I am currently going through legal action with my landlord, who wants us out to rent for more than double to others. This organization has helped me with the process and located legal representation to help me stay in my home in upper Manhattan.

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Pa'lante has helped me tremendously with my housing situation. I'm forever grateful for the work that they do. My apartment was infested with rats and mold. No other organization helped. Due to Pa'lante's hard work and dedication they helped me transfer to a newly renovated apartment. Pa'lante cares about tenants and they have my love and support.

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Pa'lante is extremely needed in West Harlem; a neighborhood in constant threat of having residents pushed out by unscrupulous developers and landlords. It continues to do its part in providing assistance and direction to the community.

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P.A.’L.A.N.T.E. (People Against Landlord Abuse and Tenant Exploitation) organizes and empowers residents of New York City to hold negligent landlords and property managers accountable for unsafe living conditions through community advocacy, outreach, organizing effective tenant associations, and providing long-term technical assistance, connecting individuals and tenant groups to free or reduced-rate legal services and housing benefits.


P.A.’L.A.N.T.E.’s goal is to end tenant exploitation in order to enable low-income community residents to remain in their homes and to ensure that those homes are safe and affordable.

  • An obligation to Move Forward: P.A.’L.A.N.T.E.

  • A demand to live in safe and affordable homes

  • The right to advocacy, group assembly and freedom of speech

  • A commitment to promoting and protecting under-represented low income residents and seniors

  • Desire to instill a sense of community and pride in our youth

  • Effective collaboration between funders and community residents

  • Effective programs and activities that meet meaningful needs