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New York is broken into different community boards. Community boards are local appointed bodies and the local subdivision when it comes to how each borough is broken up. 

Each community board has three distinct responsibilities:

  • Monitoring services provided by the city, such as sanitation and street maintenance

  • Planning and reviewing zoning changes

  • Making recommendations for each year’s city budget

These unpaid volunteer community members and stakeholders are at the forefront of what is happening in your neighborhood. They can give you information about new developments or community events. One thing you will notice is that they will never turn down help. If you could volunteer a couple of hours a month it will make a huge difference and you will be one of the most informed people in your neighborhood.

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Find Your Local Community Board

"Attending your local Community Board meetings is a critical pathway to learning about what's happening to the schools, streets, parks, and housing in your community and to making your opinion and voice heard on those issues."

Barry Weinberg (Community Board 9: Chair)

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""Joining a community board gives individuals the opportunity to see what’s happening in their neighborhoods and allows community involvement on decisions that can affect them directly."

Edwin Torres (Community Board 9 Member)

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