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Demystifying Housing Conference

P.A.’L.A.N.T.E. hosts its Demystifying Housing conference each year to explore current issues faced by renters and homeowners living in New York City. This conference is tremendously popular since its topics are timely, complex, and often controversial.


The conference uses innovative formats to draw on the expertise of staff at governmental housing agencies, elected officials, housing advocates, community boards and local developers. The annual conference builds networks and produces insights and creative approaches that make the affordable housing community even more effective.

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Is your landlord overcharging you?
00:00 / 24:55
Are You Stabilized w/Tim Collins-
00:00 / 33:27
Inside the Mind of a Slumlord/ Hosuing Conf.
00:00 / 42:24
How to Address Landlord Tenant Harassment
00:00 / 33:39
Renters Legal Seminar
00:00 / 53:04
Identifying Housing Discrimination
00:00 / 42:24